Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pink (Salmon) Mobile Phone

This week saw me hand over my pink mobile phone to Annalise. She prefers it and I didn't think I felt strongly about it either way.

Now I miss this phone. Many was the time when at work, around the drinks machine, someone would come up to me and say something along the lines of "Is that a PINK phone?". To which I might respond "Aggggh, oh my gosh your're right" and drop it or "No it is actually Salmon". Such are the moments in which new acquaintances or forged or of the realisation that some people are just not worth the effort of trying to get to know any further.

I can remember the first cell phone I owned in Durban, South Africa. I carried it along with a pager because the battery would often be flat and it made me a prime mugging target when called into work at 3am in the morning. These, cell phone facilitated, early morning trips to the downtown office was also made more interesting by the prostitutes who never believed that I was also there for work purposes. Soon the freedom provided by being able to travel more while on call was exceeded by the ability to be called when-ever and where -ever. I remember the dread and the stress associated with the ring tone. Good news was never delivered via the cell phone.

In the US it was the same although spotty GSM coverage in our area meant that there were islands of "refuge".

Nowadays the mobile is just for texting and calling family and for the odd picture unless it is PINK and can act as an ice breaker.

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